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Milo's Glow_Marina Alcoser_Stephanie Mullani

"My name is Milo, and I am a Firefly!"

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Milo is a little firefly with a big  job, but when the other animals doubt his ability, can he still light the way in their hour of need? Milo's Glow by Stephanie Mullani is a heartwarming tale of talent, kindness, and believing in one's own ability no matter how small it may seem. 

 2019 | 40 pages | 8.5x8.5 | 2019 North American Book Awards Silver Medalist

Praise for Milo's Glow

"The story of a firefly that learns being small still has a big purpose. I love the artwork with the light. It's beautiful. I love the meaning behind this story, and the author's heart to bring it to life."

—R.M,  via Goodreads


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"Love, love, love this book! Milo is such a relatable character and the story has so much heart! The colors of the illustrations are so beautiful! Milo and all the little animals are adorable and every image is full of wonder. This book is full of so many details and surprises that you’ll find something new with each read. I highly recommend giving this book as a gift to a child in your life. It will bring them hope, encouragement, and lots and lots of joy!"

—Sydney, via Goodreads


"What an Adorable story! The illustrations are most engaging, they draw the reader into the scene to ride along in the emotions of the story. It is through this artwork with vibrant colors and amazing details, that a child can engage on many levels to capture the beautiful message. How fun to re-read it and find more little details in the artwork, LOVE IT! I absolutely believe this book to be an excellent gift for a young reader, very inspiring and heartfelt message of hope that we all can make a difference no matter how small we feel."

—C.J,  via Goodreads


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